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We've Got Your Child in Mind

BrainShield helps families reduce the negative mental health impacts associated with child smartphone usage.

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Smartphones Correlate to Rising Mental Health Problems

U.S. teens are averaging over 9 hours a day on their phones. Even the average 11-year old is spending 5 hours per day on their phone. Recent studies show that just 5 hours of smartphone usage per day is associated with major increases in mental health issues.

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BrainShield focuses on Mental Health

Our technology solutions help families collaboratively manage their digital dependency. We provide kids with a non-invasive app that empowers them to build healthy habits. All the while, we give parents daily risk assessments based on their child's digital behavior. We can then alert parents to any potential early warning signs of mental health issues and recommend solutions to mitigate the risk.

Parental Control Apps Miss the Mark

Parental control apps are largely ineffective, and set barriers between parents and children. Families need tools, resources, and deep insights that can help them manage technology in a way that works for them.

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Our Technology

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For Kids

A solution that doesn’t engage is no solution at all; even worse, kids have traditionally been left out of the parental control equation. Using up-to-date behavioral psychology research, we have created a portal that educates and engages kids using gamification, personalized goals, and collaborative habit-building, all of which is informed by deep learning that grows with your child’s usage.

For Parents

Plenty of competitors promise to provide you with data, but that alone can’t lead to actionable insights. BrainShield’s core value to parents is that we create personalized, composite views of usage impacts, top concerns, remediation and conversation suggestions, and ways to reverse bad trends and create healthier digital citizens. BrainShield can even connect parents to vetted mental health resources for higher levels of intervention.

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